Welcome to the Plateforme Protéome

The Plateforme Proteome's goal is to fulfill both academics and private laboratories needs in proteomics. We also give acces to our expertise, technics and tools to the entire scientific community. Our facility offer both services, instruments and expertise to the entire scientific community.

The Plateforme Proteome offers services regarding protein separation using electrophoresis and identification/analysis using mass spectrometry.

Aside from this service activity, the Plateforme Proteome investigates in new and innovative functional genomics methods.

In order to offer state of the art services to our partner laboratories, the Plateforme Proteome constantly sets up new rising research strategies.

Since october 2009, Jean-marie Schmitter's group moved to the Plateforme Génomique Fonctionnelle.

Since February 2012 and February 2015, the "Platform Proteome" is certified respectively ISO 9001:2008 and NF X 50-900 by LRQA. These two certifications ISO9001: 2015 and NF X 50-900: 2016 have been renewed for the period 2018-2021. The Quality Management System is applicable to : Research, expertise and facility in mass spectrometry and proteomics.