Welcome to the Proteome Plateform

The Proteome Platform is a scientific and technological platform open to all academic and private scientific communities through the delivery of services, equipment and expertise in the field of proteomic analysis.

Based on the most innovative technologies and methodologies and the latest generation of instruments, the Proteome platform offers services in protein analysis by mass spectrometry and associated separation techniques (liquid nanochromatography, electrophoresis) to respond to current scientific projects and issues.

The platform offers a complete package of services including identification, characterization and quantification / differential analysis of proteins.

Since February 2, 2012 and February 2, 2015, the Proteome Platform is certified respectively ISO 9001:2008 and NF X 50-900:2013 by the organization LRQA. These two ISO9001:2015 and NF X 50-900:2016 certifications have been renewed for the period 2018-2021. The certified Quality Management System concerns our activities: Research, technological development and expertise in mass spectrometry and proteomics in the fields of Biology, Health and Agronomy.