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HDR Defense - Dr Buré Corinne

17 May 2016

Date : Tuesday 17 may 2016, 14h, salle de conférences du Centre Génomique Fonctionnelle.

Title : "Analysis of biomolecules by fragmentation in mass spectrometry : from peptides to lipids".

Abstract : This work focuses on low-energy fragmentation mass spectrometry studies of various biomolecules such as peptides, proteins and lipids to meet different research problems. Thus, it is shown that the MS / MS and MS3 were used to identify and characterize a family of complex glycosylated lipids, GIPCs, then, with an additional dimension which is chromatography, LC-MS / MS has enabled identification of lipopeptides and quantification ofother lipids, such as phospholipids, estradiol and retinoic acid. Analysis of recent lipid families was used to test the reliability of the methods developed thanks to the diversity and complexity of the samples analyzed, these analyzes are conducted to answer biological questions such as studying signaling pathways ways in response to a stress, the search for new synthesis routes for PS rich in EPA and DHA for the food industry, research addressing rich phospholipid polyunsaturated fatty acids n-3 to formulate liposomes for nutritional applications, the search for new antimalarial strategies or understanding of memory decline. These lipidomic approaches will also be applied to very little explored diseases such as cystic fibrosis using Pseudomonas aeruginosa in particular at the level of the involvement of phospholipids and / or lipopolysaccharides in the initial phase (about ten minutes to 24h) of biofilm attachment. In addition, a new research topic using lipid analysis by the imaging technique using mass spectrometry (MALDI) consists on approaching the study of phospholipids involved in neurodevelopmental abnormalities of autistic-like model in mouse. In this project, the challenge is to identify markers of these lipidic anomalies, and to  locate and quantify these markers the brain, leading to a better understanding of autism.