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New postdoctoral researcher – DR Florent Grélard

1 September 2021
Florent Grélard
         Dr Florent Grélard

Since September, 2021, a new postdoctoral researcher, Florent Grélard, has joined the S2MB (Mass Spectrometry of Biological Macromolecules) team of the UMR CNRS 5248 Institute of Chemistry & Biology of Membranes & Nano-objects.
Florent has obtained his PhD in Computer Science, more specifically in image analysis, at the Laboratoire Bordelais de Recherche en Informatique (LaBRI), in Bordeaux. His PhD was about the characterization of tubular organs, such as airway trees or blood vessels. The characterization was achieved through precise measurements, using alternative representations of the object, such as orthogonal planes and skeletons. 
Florent has pursued his research in two postdoctoral positions: the first one in Lyon was about urban photographs indexing, and the second, in Nantes, was about the joint statistical analysis of mass spectrometry imaging and MRI.
In September 2021, Florent joined the CBMN in order to develop methods suited to the processing and analysis of images. In his project, he combines several imaging modalities, such as mass spectrometry imaging, immunofluorescence and Raman spectroscopy, to study tuberculosis.

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