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The Plateforme Protéome is available for the academic scientific community as well as industry and offers a diversity of services, technologies and expertise in the proteomics field: chromatographic or electrophoretic protein separation, identification and/or characterization of proteins by mass spectrometry.

This charter sets the terms of access to the site and states users our operating rules.

We contract

  • To make available to you our ongoing rates, which are regularly updated
  • To respect confidentiality of results coming from our work, in accordance with your request (except your address and the non confidential project title which can be diffused externally)
  • To train chosen users for carrying out analyses and advising so far as we can
  • To make available the equipment and techniques required for to perform the project
  • To deliver the results of the analysis performed by our team according to the defined schedule and, when necessary, to define appropriate solutions
  • To supply all advice and essential assessment for the definition, implementation and project management
  • To provide our technological achievement durability by an active technological and technical development monitoring, by a policy to keep up to date the equipments and by regular continuing training of our staff
  • To carry out, by a continuous improvement of the Quality management, all necessary means to prove our ability to conduct projects and analyses in accordance with your request and applicable regularly demands

You contract

  • To provide all bibliographical and technical information about the project to carry out the analyses, including all information to evaluate risks incurred by the platform staff and equipments
  • To avoid all actions which can harm equipments integrity and inform the person in charge about all dysfunction
  • To respect equipment using instructions as well as hygiene and safety specified rules
  • In case of collaboration, to include as co-authors the Plateforme Protéome members who participated in the work (definition of the strategy of investigation, participation in technical developments, or technological or input advice or training)
  • To respect confidentiality in relation to results from other users and from methodological platform developments

By signing this charter, we mutually pledge to respect any of above points.

However, the leader of the Plateforme Protéome reserves the right to suspend the project or prohibit access to the Plateforme to any person not complying with one of these commitments. Similarly, the leader of the Plateforme reserves the right to not implement a project if the guarantees of implementation does not seem satisfied, or are not in conformity with the rules or are ethically unacceptable.

Head of Plateforme Protéome

Caroline Tokarski