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Proteome Intruments

Protein biochemistry : 

  • Monodimensional electrophoresis gels, colorations : commassie bleu, colloidal blue, silver, sypro ruby.
  • IsoElectricFocusing systems : OffGel (Agilent), Rotofor (Biorad)
  • Two-dimensional electrophoresis gels 24 cm :
    • 1th dimension   IPG Phor (Amersham Biosciences), Protean IEF Cell (BioRad)
    • 2nd dimension  Ettan Dalt Six ou twelve (Amersham Biosciences), Protean II Multicell (BioRad)
  • Two-dimensional electrophoresis gels 6 cm :
    • 1th dimension   IPG Runner (Invitrogen)
    • 2nd dimension  Sure Lock (Invitrogen)
  • Image analysis : Fluorescence scanner Pharos FX™ Plus with external laser molecular imager FX (BioRad), ImageMaster™ 2D Platinum v5.0 (Amersham Biosciences), Quantity One 4.6.2 (BioRad), PDQuest 8.0.1 (BioRad), Progenesis SameSpots V2.0 (Non Linear Dynamics)
  • Spot cutter : EXQuest (BioRad)
  • Liquid and in gel digestion of proteins by several proteases.


Mass spectrometry :

  • AP-SMALDI5 AF Q-Exactive
    AP-MALDI ion source (TransMIT) + Q-Exactive (Thermo Scientific).
  • Operational since 2019 (Source) / Operational since 2013 (Mass spectrometer)
  • LTQ Orbitrap XL
    U3000 (Dionex)/Automate HDX (LEAP) + LTQ Orbitrap XL ETD (Thermo Scientific).
    Operational since 2009
  • Q-TRAP 5500
    Nexera XR (Shimadzu) + QTRAP 5500 System (AB Sciex).
    Operational since 2009
  • MALDI-TOF Mass Spectrometer
    Ultraflex III TOF-TOF (Bruker Daltonics) + High Mass Detector HM2 (CovalX)
    Operational since 2008
  • Q-TOF Premier
    U3000-RSLC (Thermo Scientific) + Q-TOF premier (Waters Micromass).
    Operational since 2006
  • Q-TOF Micro
    CapLC + Q-TOF micro (Waters Micromass).
    Operational since 2005


Bioinformatics :

  • Bioinformatics platforms : Proteome Discoverer 2.3 (Thermo Scientific).
  • Identification softwares : Sequest HT (Thermo Scientific), MS Amanda (Thermo Scientific), Mascot 2.5 (Matrix Science), Peaks (Bioinformatics Solutions Inc), Prosight PD (Thermo Scientific).
  • Quantification softwares : Progenesis QI (Nonlinear Dynamics), Proteome Discoverer 2.3 (Thermo Scientific).
  • Caracterization softwares : Byonic 2.0 (Protein Metrics).
  • Imaging softwares : FlexImaging 4.0 (Bruker Daltonics), SCiLS.



The Platform also provides scientific equipments listed on the website of the Platform.

These devices are available upon request to the equipment responsable that allows access to instruments after training. For security reasons, access to these devices is allowed only in the presence of a personnel platform.

Business hours of the Platform are 8:30 a.m. to 12:00  and 1:30 p.m. to 17:00 p.m. The platform also makes every effort to provide a support instrument by expert staff. Users are notified by mail of equipment downtime. The platform does its best to ensure a high level of performance of its equipment by ensuring their preventive and corrective maintenance in accordance with the rules laid down by our quality.

Equipments available to the scientific community:

  • Constant Cell Disrupter Systems Basic Z
  • WX ultra 90 Ultracentrifuge (Sorvall)

Reservations can be made from the Instrument Reservations Page