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Platform Proteome regularly offers practical and theoretical trainings for student and scientific communities.

The issues discussed during these days focus on technologies developed in our laboratory such as : proteins separations through different electrophoretic techniques available, gel images analysis, protein identification, characterization and quantification by mass spectrometry and bioinformatic data analysis.

Our audience consists of both : college students, high school students, students (Master, PhD) and the scientific community staff (technicians, engineers, researchers, post-docs. ...).

We are of course willing to accommodate and adapt the training content and duration for each case.


Some examples of courses:

  • Open House: Presentation of the activities of the platform to Master's students (annually)

  • Users Day: Presentation of the activities of the platform to researchers and discussion on feasibility of scientific projects

  • Trainings: 2-5 days around separation techniques and / or techniques of mass spectrometry and bioinformatics for protein analysis

  • Practical course (duration 3 days) for students of the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Technologie de Bordeaux of Biomolecules

  • Reception of trainees of varying duration


If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact Stéphane Claverol who will respond as soon as possible.